3 Great Football Blogs

With the emergence of this internet it has meant that die hard football fans in countries every where have taken to improve the amount of to setup fan related blogs to write about everything related to their respective clubs.

Football blogs can vary quite a lot for that reason some can be focusing on their team news, transfers, matches and results. While other football blogs could be general about the game and interesting matches and transfers that might be taking place in any number of leagues. You do tend to find the names clubs have one of the most independent blogs because have got the most fans these are clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and so on.
Of course we unable to give the top 3 football blogs because each football blog appeals to different people depending on their team however we have decided to list 3 great football blogs that we believe have good quality articles on football in basic.

Blog 1 : UK Football Shirts is a good blog which has a broad range of articles on different football news aspects such as transfer rumours, exciting match results, great goals and also on football merchandise. They cover all the latest in football fashion which means new kits and shirts, so for example when Manchester United bring the latest Manchester Unit shirt or Manchester United kit, they write an article reviewing it.

Blog 2 : Pitch Invasion is a really good football blog that been recently around for many as well as has superb articles wrote on all areas of football especially in the united kingdom. พนันบอลออนไลน์ ฟรี

Blog 3 : Magpies Zone is a Newcastle United blog so that some people could go off by this however again the excellence of the way the articles are written make for a significant impartial please read on current matches.

For us the quality of the writing across the blogs rrs incredibly much the most important part of a good football blog and by using this simply because main gauge for rating a football blog you can do really find some excellent content on the goal.

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