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Academy Sports is a trusted and reputed consultancy company that has been in the arena of sports for over twenty years. The range of services that they offer include research, assessment, training, development and implementation of innovative methods.

Their expertise lies in the areas of research, development and implementation of sports-related tasks such as sports psychology, sports performance, athletic training, sports safety and administration. They have an impressive team with a wide range of qualifications. Dr. David (Bill) Bradley is one of the founding members of the team. David’s extensive knowledge and experience in sports have enabled him to formulate successful programs in UK and overseas.

Dr. Bradley holds a doctorate degree in education and was the vice president of the Royal College of Sports Medicine and Education, the UK’s leading sports university. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Sports Science from the University of Bristol and a master’s degree in Sports Management from St. Johns University, University of Florida.

Dr. Bradley has also participated in the sports research, development and implementation phase of many leAading sporting events and competitions worldwide. He has advised on these issues to the Department of Sports Sciences and Sport Management at the University of Birmingham. His wide range of information and expertise has enabled him to help these institutions to bring out effective sports programs and training for the athletes of the world.

His expertise in sports administration and management is extremely important to help the Olympic program and the governing bodies of the world. His service enables his team to tackle the tough task of organising the Olympics, the European championships, other world competitions and many other world events.

All the doctors’ services are carried out according to the needs of the patients. This enables them to carry out detailed assessments and provide training to athletes and coaches around the world.

The founder and Managing Director of Academy Sports are a recognised professional in Sports Management and Sports Administration. He has worked in different parts of the world including Australia, Britain, USA, South Africa, Israel, and many other countries. He has managed several sporting competitions including sports tournaments in Middle East, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, and many other major sporting events.

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