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You can from the outside.

The sooner we're paid, the better.

She gave up her seat for the old person.


I've decided to study kanji.

Hey, this is delicious.

She didn't dare to say anything at that time.

There is no time to be lost.

Rod was the only one who knew where Darin went.

Kim is living with Ken.

What's your connection to her?


I've been a lot worse.

The prisoner was found guilty by the judge.

She has reddish hair. That's why her nickname is Carrot.

For him, his principles were irrefutable.

I may have left them behind in the train.

She takes pride in her sons' success.

If it snowed in May, they would be surprised.

What is your favourite fast-food restaurant?

I'm going to make a little fruit salad for everyone.

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I know you used to live in Boston.

She's a fashion designer.

Would you please take me home?

Whether you accept stories about past-life regression as fact depends very much on your own personal belief system.

If you ask me anything I don't know, I'm not going to answer.


We've already lost three days.

I recommend you visit the Imperial War Museum in London.

It has to mean something.

Skef is aiming at a bird.

As soon as I get paid, I'll pay you back.


I like hot tea better than cold.

I used to work at a restaurant in Boston.

For whom have you brought the bone?

The mountain climbers reached the summit before dark.

Barbra asked Dan if she was OK.


They got an anonymous tip.

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Don't drop that cup.

I still remember the smell of her hair.

Why didn't you just kiss him?


Is there something in the fridge we can drink?

My nose has been broken three times.

Linda's husband was two-timing her.

Those ideas are alien to our way of thinking.

Ranjit spent the night in an old hunting shack.

Stop blaming yourself.

The second course has chickpeas, chicken, meat, sausage and potato.

For her, the honeymoon is over.

What year are you in school?

She is 100 years old.

Do you mind if I get started?

I'm waiting here.

Where did you hit them?

He asked me what my name was.

Christie attended the forum.

Beatings foster prudence.

Whenever you may call on him, you will find that he is out.


I'm looking forward to good news.


Of course it isn't true.

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Tell us what to do.

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I think maybe you've got the wrong address.

I did it like this.

Father and brother.


Edgar took a bubble bath.

Would you cash these travelers checks, please?

I had to wait for Shirley's reply for a long time, but it was worth it.

Should I fill in this form now?

I'm kind of curious about that myself.

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We don't have all night.


No one believed me at first.

I'm not sure I feel the same way.

We're not very far from where it happened.


You'd better go to bed at once.

Women are said to be weak at figures.

I can't ignore that.


Should I tell Rex to ask Adam to do that?

You'll have a rough time.

The new tunnel will link Great Britain and France.

I think I should go see Kevyn.

It wasn't as easy as that.

We cannot know too much about our own language.

He hopes he will visit Paris.

These two things are completely unrelated.

Mickey has been so good.

Most Swiss people can speak three or four languages.

Learning makes wise, ignorance otherwise.

He is fond of wandering about.

Amigo misses you.

Jean worked in Boston.

You can't prove a thing.

Jesus is already hard at work.

I lent Mrs. Jones all the butter there was in the house.

I hope this good weather lasts.

This has always been a problem.

He is possessed by an unusual idea.

That might happen to you, too.

Two from ten leaves eight.

They come from Sweden.

You worry too much about her.

Antique carpets are especially valuable.

You'll never change.

This must be hard for Ronni.


A mistery is what's not clear. For example, this is a real mistery.

She eyed the stranger suspiciously.

I've something interesting to tell you that you might find surprising.


I supplied the children with necessary books.


No matter where you go, I'll follow you.

I don't know where I should go.

That is without a doubt one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

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I understand it a little, but I can't speak it.


The party has been canceled due to a lack of interest.

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We were eighteen at that time.


Ability alone is not enough.

We are awaiting impatiently the arrival of our dear friend.

He was unaware of the situation.


He tried to sleep on the floor.


We should leave here as soon as possible.

Why don't you do us a favor and just leave?

Does Panzer have many friends?

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It's stifling hot today. There's no wind at all.

Everybody is a slave to the current socioeconomic system that was invented through the years by unintelligent people.

All living things die some day.


This is the very book I have been looking for.

Brandy earns three times more than me.

The aeroplane landed safely.

But what if we get caught?

The Treasurer's budget speech was punctuated by regular shouts of "Hear, hear!" from members on his side of the House.


Mt. Everest is 29,002 feet above sea level.

Lori doesn't like traveling by air.

Syun owes me a lot of money.

Never did I dream that I would take first place in the piano contest.

He won't come in a rain like this.


Shadow told me that he wouldn't be able to be at the meeting.


His love for indigenous Mexican art became his downfall.

Where's my bike?

Vickie has a Pikachu pillow.

Last week a lot of appointments kept me busy.

The idea is of paramount importance.


I think that you ought to apologize to her.

Harris and Allen seem to be enjoying each other's company.

The butcher who sold me this beef is always friendly.

Such a man does not go hunting and seldom owns a gun.

Wolf is not an idiot.

I'm not giving up that easily.

I call Sundaresan almost every day.

I never eat meat.

My mother did nothing but weep.


Many Americans are interested in jazz.

Jayant, I didn't do it.

The tourists were not happy.

Everyone's looking at me.

The weather's not as good today as it was yesterday.

You belong to the next generation.

I can't get away from the office this afternoon.

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We were newlyweds.


A big bridge was built over the river.


Ed is going to write a letter.

That huge mammal is called an elephant.

It may be your only hope.


Prizes will be awarded.

We couldn't find the problem.

The nurse has very gentle hands.


Speak gently to everyone.