Here, use my key.

I'm going to scream.


Richard tried opening the door.

Sam looks defeated.

Case is mad because I let you help me.

May I use the computer?

No one wants to talk about books anymore.

Anatoly has never told me how he met Ofer.

I met Giles at the party.

What are you doing back here?

Edmund doesn't have to tell me why.

Willie will show you the ropes.

When are you going to Boston?

You should tell him what to do.

Robbin set up a company recently.

There is a shop in front of my house.

I tried to warn you that Matti was looking for you.

I made him tell the truth.

Rice gruel is easy to digest.

The new plan is based on our idea.

They wanted to win the war, and win it right away.

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I rid the garden of the weeds.

Two heads are better than one.

I'll go see if Pam is ready to go.

There are also other choices.

The bag was too heavy for me to move.

I can't eat or drink very hot things.

All in the golden afternoon / Full leisurely we glide; / For both our oars, with little skill, / By little arms are plied, / While little hands make vain pretence / Our wanderings to guide.

He was a soldier in Korea.

I'll be ready next time.

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Now, where did you come from?


Kelvin is aware of that.

What's wrong with the refrigerator?

The cat is under the chair.

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She knows my wife.


He has no more than one hundred books.

Axel always wears black.

I'd like to learn French.


Max is a Baby Boomer.

I don't know where you want to go.

Can you locate this place on the map for me?


Tatoeba: We've got sentences older than you.


Are we done?

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We don't have class on Wednesday afternoons.

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They have taken great pains to finish the project, I hear.


I'd like a tea.

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The OH&S guidelines include details on lifting heavy objects.

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Could you help me find my keys?


Tigger always looks a bit pale.

I don't think Glynn is involved.

How did Shane get that bruise on his leg?

English has a lot of idiomatic expressions to offer.

When did you come back from Tokyo?


I'm just going to hang the washing out.

It isn't suitable for minors.

She was standing among children.


Have you gone mad?

He wrote down the name so he wouldn't forget it.

Has the evening paper arrived yet?

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Don't ever speak to me again.

Please look over me warmly.

He made nothing of the fact and failed.

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The number of employees doubled in ten years.

I think I'll do what you suggested.

They look good.

She grew roses.

She lies here beside me.

I believe in this method of teaching.

I used to eat pizza.

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You burnt a hole in my coat with your cigarette.

What do bees eat?

I need you to trust me.


That's a little out of focus.

It is vital that you be present.

Was that another joke?

He measures the time with a clock radio.

He tried to learn French.

Is the cat all right?

I will teach you how to fish next Sunday.

They have very deep convictions.

Kick with your legs straight to go forward.


Esperanto pronunciation is easy.

Christofer pinched Alf.

I see you made a good impression.

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He can't have read this book.

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You slept on the train.

I've been under a lot of stress.

You said almost all of your friends were Canadians.

Central Bank is a bank that deals mainly with other banks and the government and assumes broad responsibilities in the interests of the national economy apart from the earning of profits.

Please don't run away from me.

He is my favorite character.

King trusts them.


Why are you looking at Geoffrey?

This is a very important meeting. You ought not to miss it.

I have bought a car.


Once the complaining starts, it never ends.

I don't want to ask you anything.

He has a strange name.


He always works with all his might.


He found that all his efforts amounted to nothing.

He went to stay at his client's house.

Win is on a hot streak.

I pocketed my keys.

When women are together, they always laugh.

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What would you suggest I order?

Poets write poems.

Jeany had white shoes on.

I have a mind to buy a new car.

No vital organs were damaged.

I assume you've heard that we're having a meeting this afternoon.

The taxi has arrived.


Knudsen isn't going to buy a new car.


Are you going to vote for me?

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Just keep digging.

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What shall I cook for the guests tomorrow?

We were hoping you'd tell us what we should do.

We had to start our business from zero.

They give us medicines.

If you try very hard, you will succeed.

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This makes my blood boil.


You don't even know him.

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My finger is throbbing because I accidentally shut the car door on it.

Gunnar is dating someone.

It's rare that history comes with a man that his fear is set in the hearts of kings all around earth.

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Let's take a rest in the garden instead of indoors.

Every one of her songs was a hit.

Do you have cough drops?

Keith didn't believe Kenn.

To whom does this umbrella belong?

Her application for leave was refused.

Keep away from her.

The house gave no sign of life.

Can I go buy some ice cream?


He went on reading while he ate.

Both buildings burned down.

You sure are persuasive.

These are cakes of her baking.

Don't give up.


It's a goat and it is absolutely normal.

Carla is the one freshman who aced every course in which she enrolled.

I don't think there should be any problems.

Clem successfully convinced many people that he possessed paranormal powers.

If you need Vietnamese self-learning books, please contact me.

My native language is Hungarian.

"Luka doesn't like me." "But Jonas likes you." "I don't care about Jonas!"

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You want something from me, don't you?

Claudia tricked all of us.

Why are you visiting us?

The speaker was so famous as to need no introduction.

Let me spell it out for you.


I'm fed up with all their lies.


It was hot and dry.


I hear Gail has quit school.

You must be mistaken.

Today we will stay home.

You can remove the NNC.

All the pipes froze last winter.