You're in serious trouble.

Catch it and bring it to Darwin.

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You never know what's going to happen next.

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We uploaded the pictures from our wedding on Facebook.

I met her on my way home.

She has such beautiful eyes.


The pool is full of clean water.


I'm very curious about this.

Jisheng is lively.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.


He rested and became stronger.

Nora said he paid thirty dollars for that shirt.

Edith and Raman are just arriving.

Do you have mangoes?

Do you want a glass of water?


Just leave me alone.

Jones probably thought I liked Boston.

I hope you told him that.

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

He's had a liberal upbringing.

The discussion will be continued tomorrow morning.

Who looks foolish now?

We went up the mountain by cable car.

He suddenly cut into our conversation.

He kindly answered questions.

This room gets a lot of sunshine.


Denis woke up in the middle of the night and ate an entire bag of chips.

It sounds exciting.

The Russian language is a Slavic language spoken natively in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and is widely used, although without official imprimatur, in Latvia, Estonia and many other countries that form the constituent republics of the former Soviet Union.

Don't ask who she is.

I have little interest in history.

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Billie's dog bit Heinz.

I feel exhausted today.

I don't think that this car was made in Germany.


Louise was extremely protective.


You don't miss a thing, do you?


They saw us yesterday.

This is not a mistake.

Can I ask who sent you here?


She was wonderfully alive for her age.


Do you know if my father is still in the office?

He read a lot.

The cat is hiding it's claws.

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At that time, Straka was really hungry.

Reinhard ran off in the direction that Dominic pointed.

My mom is overprotective.

Excuse me, does this train go to Washington Square?

Vidhyanath has a face that people immediately trust.

Speaking English is a lot of fun.

Fred left his wife a large fortune.


Dustin plays the baritone saxophone and Sjouke plays the alto saxophone.

The typhoon struck the Kanto district.

Can you lower your voice?

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I wonder if I should talk to her about the problem.

I'm not ashamed of my behavior, even though I know I should be.

Rahul will like me.

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We fired Emma.

Derek held up one finger.

His driving was pathetic.

I can live with myself.

You can handle this.


Loukas's alive.

Gail hasn't filed a tax return in years.

My father died ten years ago.

"They're stupid children, what a nuisance", she said. I replied praising them: "What are you saying, They're both smart, with a good memory and a promising future"

Should I talk to Laurie?

You've done it right.

Finally, What did you buy the last day?

We've been here for quite a while.

It is raining hard now.

Julius picked something up off the floor.

Stephen doesn't like Shannon, but I like her.

I know you still want us to live together.

I think you shouldn't tell Caleb the truth.

Just hold your position till I arrive.

She was determined to make the marriage work.

Women and children first!

I've hired her.

Could you wrap them up separately?

She embraced her brother warmly.

Isn't that the same guy who wants to buy your house?

Credit is the amount or sum placed at a person's disposal by a bank; a loan of money.


Allen made cookies.

Jerry is very dedicated to his work.

There has been a considerable increase in oil prices.

I don't need your praise.

They rarely go out.

Nicolette should do nothing.

Don't tell anyone I was here.


This evening we will go to church.

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This must've belonged to her.

I've never been photographed.

They're working.


Learning French is useful.

How do you know about him?

The emphasis of his talk was on the need to work hard.


She loves to run.


My daughter weighed eight pounds at birth.

Novo is still studying in Boston, isn't he?

The number of grains of sand on a beach is calculable.


You might have just forgotten.

Ralf doesn't stand a chance.

His story is strange, but it's believable.

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It seems hard for you to see him today.

New York is the city you visit the most.

The bird's feathers were all of pure gold.

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Elwood insulted Fred.


Kyu has been in Boston way too long.

The report goes that the president left London yesterday.

These are irreplaceable.

He's not looking at the book.

What's on TV?

That job brings him in an extra 60,000 yen a month.

Bacon and eggs is his order.

He taught me how the machine operated.

Even though the car accident damaged his body, his optimism was intact.

I am giving you a star.

Kenneth doesn't have to go in there.


You didn't see anything.

They claim that iodized salt is healthy.

Swamy has been living in Boston for the past three years.

Amy handed Norma a twenty-dollar bill.

You should've gotten up earlier.

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What are Amanda's options now?

There's always a first time for everything.

It's impossible to eat soup with a fork.

All Carole's friends warned her that Jin was only after her money.

I want her fired.

Who planned out this trip?

Everybody was really happy.

The work doesn't need much effort.

He lives over there, on that hill.

She tries so hard, but she's just spinning her wheels.

Let's visit my grandpa this weekend.


The weather is rainy.

I'll get even with you!

Fay is much better at singing than I am.

Men differ from animals in that they can think and speak.

You have thirty minutes to make your decision.


You know the answer?

Are you sure you want to do that by yourself?

I hope Jared's doing better than we are.

I like to travel by myself.

They made Oshin work from morning till night.

It's not supposed to rain today.

I'm the one who introduced Naoto to Manavendra.

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He has lain there for an hour.


I'd like you to have a thorough examination.

Are you through with your work?

Could you come to tomorrow's meeting?

Would you like to go for a walk with me along the shore?

Don't give up like that.


Your compassion never ceases to amaze me.


I'll go and look for him.

I've never had a problem with Wendy.

Alf walked up the stairs to the front door.

Please go away.

I remember your face, but I don't remember your name.

What've you been doing?

Don't let Plastic frighten you.

I'm happy for them.

It's about time we went to bed.

Most of Sedat's friends are girls.

I've never given it a second thought.