She had no rule of thumb about it, but she got it right every time.

Nobody cares about what you said.

Lucy can't use chopsticks.

He is second to none in mathematics in his class.

Don't ask me to do that again.

Yet again, Gilbert is not on time.

She graduated in 1996.

I don't want to fail the test.

The very air we breathe is polluted with smog from the factory chimneys.

Patients who have an optimistic, positive attitude generally have a smoother recovery after surgery.

He looks more like a boxer than a pianist!

Guillermo is on the telephone.

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It's an heirloom. Been in my family for generations.

There were three coffee mugs on the table.

Dan entered the facility through a damaged metal grate.

The content of the letter had an interesting effect on my marriage.

That was the P-wave just now. The S-wave is coming.

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Who's your favorite comic book super hero?

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All in all, I think my hobbies are balanced; they bring some relaxation to my life, and at the same time bring focus to my studies.

I gave it to my mommy.

We are all happy to help.

Taurus felt very happy.

You should've told me you didn't know how to do this.

To take something too far.

They devised a scheme to make money with little effort.

Jin and Stephe are so delighted that they found an honest and capable painter.

You really need to get a haircut.

I got a message that Floyd wanted to see me.

We are leaving Narita next Monday.

Do you know Pantelis's real name?

I am able to read English.

You don't attend, you pay attention, under the typical logic.

She kissed him on the cheek.

Judy assumed Marguerite was hiding something from him.

You're just wasting our time.

I'm from Saudi Arabia.

Translate this text.


Do you want to hear about what we did?

I know that he went to London.

I stood at the end of the line.


Jisheng doesn't appear to be happy.


Melinda is our manager.


He will be delighted to see you.

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Nathan and Del want to know what's going on.

I'd rather stay home this weekend.

This pair of shoes doesn't fit me.

I thought Danielle was going to hurt me.

How can there be a traffic jam now, as late as 6 o'clock?

That's why we didn't tell Lindsay.

I will get my brother to carry your bag for you.

The earth is smaller than the sun.

From this evidence, it follows that he is not the criminal.

I've already checked those possibilities.

There are some apples in the basket.

There was room for one person in the car.

She has an abundant supply of seeds to plant in the spring.

I'm not going to explain it to you again.

I don't have time to make you a sandwich.

Walt can't run as fast as I can.

Phill is named after his father.

I thought I was too old.

I call her very often.


The sons sorrowfully buried their parents.

The fence is painted green.

Dustin told his son not to speak with his mouth full.


I'm afraid this tie is too loud.

My parents always compare me to my older brother.

My car is large enough to carry five people.


Without the sun there is no life!

I'll ask them tomorrow.

The population of China is 8 times that of Japan.


Why don't you guys go home and get some rest?

If he will come, I will wait for him till he comes.

Nothing appears more surprising to those, who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few; and the implicit submission, with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers.

He fought until the end.

Nobody else has a chance.

The professional skier liked to "hot-dog" down the mountain.

Forgive them.

Bad weather prevented me from setting out.

I don't even understand that.

He praised the pupil for his honesty.

Herb had a rough time last year.

If you take good care of your car, you will increase its life.

I don't need to talk to you.

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We acted in good faith.

Leads is going to be so devastated.

I stayed indoors because it rained.

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Koko is not an ordinary gorilla.


I'm pretty sure that Pierette used to live in Boston.


It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

I didn't look for this.

How was that decision made?

Saint Patrick lived and preached this kind of love among a pagan, barbaric generation of Irishmen around the year 432 AD.

Why are you memorizing this poem?

You'd better go there on foot.

Someone stepped on my foot on the train.


I wish I could dance every day.

When I called on him, he was talking on the phone.

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.


I couldn't do anything else.

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For your information, I won't be coming to class next week.

If he had had time, he would have visited us.

Is it safe in there?

Are you on any medications?

This isn't the first time that Elias has spent a couple of weeks in a hospital.

He was expected to make a decision.

Herbert soaked in the bathtub.

What would you have him do?

The translation is extremely faithful to the original.

I have everything under control.

He can run the fastest in the class.

Do we have something to celebrate?

Truth wins out.


Watch what you're doing!

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His speech contained very little matter.

I'm following the guidelines.

I felt lied to and cheated.


I'm a foreigner and I don't know Czech very well. Please, speak slowly.

Are you in a good mood?

Why do you drink until you're this drunk?


You really hurt him.


It takes only a short time to learn how to explain things to students. It takes much longer to learn when not to.

Ricky doesn't need your advice.

Just when will you learn to tie your own shoes?

He believed in the supreme power of the law.

What if we don't find them?

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Let's take a break for a second.


The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

Sword Art Online is a popular Anime.

When was the last time that you used this?

I have a feeling Stephen might come.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment.

What country is Jiri in right now?

They collected coffee cups.

Titing sells vegetables at the market.

The post office is closed on Christmas day and mail will not be delivered.

What are you sitting on?

He's really an oddball.

Ahmed learned sign language.

"I thought that Arne was going to kill me." "So, did he kill you?" "No, he didn't, you idiot! Do I look like a ghost to you?"

Dustin gave an apple to the teacher.

We moved last year.


The day that he was born was rainy.


Now I realize why.

I didn't miss my watch till I got home.

He's just my friend.


I heard them scream.


I need to buy more anti-static sheets for the clothes dryer.

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It was a difficult game.

This curry is too hot to eat.

Could you drop me at the bus station?

He's a real stud.

Most people can do this without a problem.

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How does this sound?

Vasilissa put the doll back into her pocket, crossed herself and started out into the dark, wild forest.

He was born in this very room.


The engine would not start.


How far are you going for a drive?

It is getting warmer every day.

I stopped so I could smoke a cigarette.

It's been nice meeting you.

Don't lose your temper.


What don't I understand?

To me it doesn't seem at all normal to separate the children from their mothers.

The site for the new factory has not been decided.