This is a very important point.

Not a day seems to pass without newspapers reporting the war.

I've decided that we won't go.

Merril was shocked to see how much his mother had deteriorated since he last saw her six months ago.

Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

Cherish the human in yourself.

This is an important point.

Ofer helped Sergei into the cab.

What a nonsense he talks.

Darrell died trying to save a child from a burning building.

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Save yourself the headache.


He defied me to dive off the cliff.


Bilal is taller than Karam.

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You may have to wait.

I know all about Willie.

I'm not making that up.

He's my husband's dad. He's my father-in-law.

Didn't you know?

I still do that.

There's a general sense that something should be done about unemployment.

Did you see what happened?

Are you planning on starting your own business?

Bucky knows how to act cool.

I've gone to Kyoto twice.

I'm scared that once you find out about my secret, you'll never look at me the same way again.

I don't feel well today. That well water is the reason.


The man didn't feel like walking all the way; so he took the bus.

Sherman was afraid of Gunnar.

The summer grass covers the ground.


I'm not special. I'm just a limited edition.

I have a book to finish.

Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century.

It is kind of you to drive me home.

Vistlik and Mosur became inseperable.

Tony thought about the factory and the shops.

I think we may have met somewhere before.

Do you also have child portions?

I haven't heard from anyone yet.


The glass is broken.

To my mind, the worst part of air travel is the hanging around in airport lounges.

If you need help, just ask.


I'm not that much older than you are.

Who did you give it to?

Don't sit too close to the TV.

We are seeking jobs.

Let's talk face to face.


I hate to waste my time.


Did he get married when he was in Germany?

Is she your mom?

You think you're the best, don't you?

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He whispered to him: " I love you ".

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You can let him go.


Siping shouldn't have let Dorothy drive.


Kees asked me to wake him up at six.

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Gary isn't illiterate.

I don't have my passport with me.

What do you have to do with the matter?

I saw the person I expected standing there.

These girls are in trouble.

God is nature. Don't go against nature.

I'm trying to make a good first impression.


Not a man among them could lift the weight.

You must remain calm.

Malus is a methamphetamine addict.

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The eminent author received the Nobel Prize for literature.

Sid only cares about pretty faces.

She went to Italy for the purpose of studying music.

I need a little help with my homework.

This is why he didn't go to study abroad.


I know what's wrong with them.

I've added a tag indicating the author.

"How long were you there?" "I was there for two days."

Dwight and I have to do this now.

The singer is popular among young people.

Can't you even do simple arithmetic?

It's time to eat.

I want to get to know her.

He crossed the road on foot at the red light.

That was unexpected.

I'm right here.


Did you order this?

How'd you like to go to Boston with us?

It's been raining again.

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I have not given them anything.

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I'm sorry, Irving. I just can't do it.


This dress will look good on you.


I can't leave until I've found out how Damone is.


May I have a word with you in private?

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I am just a traveller who seeks the purity of the soul.

You should leave right away.

There is a growing number of people who prefer a virtual life online than a real life offline.

Naren did a nice job there.

Julius and Johnny adopted a handicapped child.


Mother is the first to wake up in the morning.

I think we know each other well enough.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.


We'll be downstairs if you need us.

Giles is able to say 'I like stoats' in over a hundred languages.

Please lend me this pen.

Liisa is an active and energetic young woman.

I don't know if you remember me.

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Don't let go of my hand.


I want to stay outside.

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A doctor was called in right away.

What did Gerald have?

He is sure to pass the exam if he studies at this rate.

He had to part with his secretary when she got married.

This umbrella belongs to Lorien.

He was envious of his way of living.

Srinivasan will never forget all the time Ping spent with him.


Jennifer thought that Raghu wouldn't like Malaysian food.

To tell the truth, it's a pity that you are just wandering around in the world.

He is well acquainted with French literature.

I was very selfish.

Nothing will change.

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I'm much happier wasting time looking at a handsome woman than a pretty one.


I couldn't handle it.

Are you done with the book yet?

Of the two stories, the latter story is better.

No one will stop us.

What maggot bites you?

I can not bear this noise any more.

I envied John. He not only attracted the unadulterated attention of every lady within his immediate vicinity, his educational performance was world-renowned as the cream of the crop.

Did he get here last term?

List is awfully quiet today.


In Japan, it is proper to bow when you meet someone.


Pim did this to me.

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My father carried on singing.

I'd like to know why you did it.

Linux is a type of computer operating system.


He is immune from taxes.

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Caribou eat almost only lichen during the winter.


I won fair and square.

He doesn't know what the difference is between lions and leopards.

What did your father teach you?

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I am sure that he is an honest man.


You are going to my home.

Is it hot enough for you?

Marek did the best he could, but he still got bad grades.


People built this city to be seen at night.

I'm leaving in a week.

The girls danced to music.

He hates her parents.

I beg you pardon, milord. It's not Hebrew, but Latin.

He ate Mr Wood's good country food, and drank a lot of milk.

Now I understand everything.

Frank is a smooth talker.

Sonja looks pretty drunk.

Be careful interpreting indirect translations. Genders may have changed.

Kamiya is a lot like his father.

When will you ever learn?

Yes and no.

I know you can't stop them.

Where is the registration desk?

You were right all along.

Now we're in trouble.


Even though Svante knew he shouldn't, he borrowed money from a loan shark.